Recently, a few fisher-folk and I went to fish for Rainbow Trout on the Missouri River. The wind was blowing, per usual, but we were able to endure the conditions to catch some great fish. This particular fishing hole was not so lucrative. I wonder if it was due to the passing convoy having full bellies?


We had been watching water temperature and flows to pick our time to strike. As the dams released more water and the temperatures were in the mid-40’s we headed to the Land of the Giants. The water was cold and clear.

No one was having any luck with rises on top of the water. We changed our riggings, in hope that the fish would like that menu a bit better. They did. We nymphed most of the day and generally had the most luck with San Juan worms and the pink Ray Charles. We all had far more on than we actually landed. But such is life. It made for a very exciting and fun day of fishing. Fishing with friends is win-win. Get out there and enjoy it!