MLK Weekend Big Sky, MT

Fresh snow and good temps = great weekend

Dirty Cars = Happy Skiers 

It has been a dry couple of weeks since the Christmas holiday, but the snow gods have decided again to shine down upon Big Sky. The snow began Friday night and continued freshening through the weekend with Monday being the best day. 

MLK weekend is generally pretty popular at Big Sky, but nothing like the busier times like Christmas, Presidents Day, and Spring Break. That being said, we were completely booked. Maybe it is because visitors have realized that not having a four-wheel-drive rental car sucks, or maybe Big Sky is just getting more popular. 

Although most of our renters were here to ski this weekend, we did have a couple of international groups of photographers spending time in Yellowstone looking for winter wildlife. 


As per usual, we had a number of panicked last minute phone calls from folks at BZN looking for 4-wheel drive rentals, that we were sadly unable to accommodate. Due to a cancellation, we had one of our 4×4 Sprinter vans available that we were able to provide some folks who ended up with a rear-wheel-drive van rental from one of the franchises at the airport. By her exasperated phone call on Friday, they were unable to get their rental van up the gentle gradient into their condo in Big Sky. Not cool. They swapped their van out for one of rental Sprinters, and kapow, ski trip was saved and everybody was safe and comfortable. By the tone of her letter left in the Sprinter, I think we made some folks happy. 

Why Explore Rentals is better.

We only rent 4WD and AWD vehicles. Subaru Outbacks, Toyota Tacomas, Chevrolet Suburbans, and Mercedes 12-passenger vans. Combined with our upgraded tires, you have the safest, most capable vehicles available for your winter trip to Big Sky. 


Step 1.

On our Reservations page, enter your requested rental dates. Available inventory of each item will be displayed. Select what you desire and add to your cart.

Step 2.

Verify your Cart and rental dates/ times. A 15% credit card deposit is required to confirm all bookings. You will be prompted for flight info and contact info, as well as the CC deposit.


Pick up your rental gear at the office at your scheduled time. If you are picking-up after-hours, your gear will be boxed and labeled in our secure storage locker.  Go and enjoy! 


Prior to your departure flight, swing by the office to drop off your gear. If it is prior to our 9am open, you can leave it in the storage locker outside. Your CC on file will be billed the balance due.


Explore Rentals has been the best reviewed car rental agency in Bozeman since 2011. Our goal has always been to provide the best, and safest, rental cars for whatever the Montana conditions may be. Explore Rentals is the only company in the US to offer the awesome 4×4 Mercedes Benz Passenger vans, as well as to guarantee rental cars with snow tires.  

Our location next to the Bozeman Airport, with after-hours pick-up and drop-offs possible, allows for tremendous convenience with no waiting in line, and no hassle.