As good as doughnuts get

New Day bakery is certainly a complete gem in Belgrade. One of the few independent bakeries that make their doughnuts daily (and also featuring great scones and other pastries) seemingly left anywhere in the world, this place is as good as it gets.

Super nice folks and open 6am till 2pm daily, less Sunday (unfortunate in our opinion as this is the best day for doughnuts).

The nose, knows. Auggie Dog has become a doughnut fanatic. That white, waxed paper bag sends him into a veritable frenzy. The plain, Old Fashioned is both owner and pet’s favorite. Boston Cream and everything else is pretty darn good too.

New Day bakery is about 1-mile east of the entrance to the Bozeman Airport at Gallatin Field. Well worth stopping for a coffee and doughnut on the way to check-in.