Bozeman Rental Drift Boats

Phasmid is proud to be offering drift boat rentals starting July 1, 2015. However, being who we are, we
are not offering just any old drift boat. We are proud to offer NRS Freestone Drifters. Cutting edge boats that offer the durability of a raft but the row-ability of a drift boat.

These boats float in virtually no water and are extremely easy to maneuver. Having fished it a couple of times ourselves, this thing rows and fishes like a dream. Further, kissing off a rock isn’t a big deal- making this the ideal rental boat for non-expert rowers floating rivers one is unfamiliar with.

The result: something anybody can (safely) row down a Montana river.

Our rental boats are ‘Ready To Fish,’ with everything included from PFDs, counterbalanced oars, all the way down to the anchor. You can tow it with one of our rental Suburbans, or you can come and pick it up.

Rental NRS Freestone Drifter, with trailer: $150/ day

It’s perfect for those technical streams where the fishing’s great but a rigid hull isn’t practical.

  • The self-bailing inflatable hull handles rocks and shallow water like a raft while tracking as stealthily as a traditional drift boat.
  • The 14′ Freestone’s smaller size and lower hull height make it highly maneuverable in technical water and capable in windy conditions.
  • Made of tough drop-stitch PVC material, the Freestone inflates to a very rigid 9 psi, creating a stout 14-foot drift boat. You can inflate the floor up to 15 psi for the best performance with heavier loads in rough water.
  • You can easily disassemble the modular frame and roll up the deflated hull for convenient transport and storage.
  • The Freestone inflatable drift boat stows readily in a garage, car or small aircraft, or you can ship it UPS to your next fishing destination.
  • High rocker in the bow and stern shorten the waterline for superior tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves.
  • The three-chamber design and frame ensure it will keep floating and rowing even if an air chamber is compromised.
  • Casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling Angler Seats, diamond plate decks and Thigh Hooks with Stripping Baskets for secure, comfortable casting in smooth or rough water.
  • A rigid transom in the stern allows you to attach a small outboard motor.
  • A padded rowing seat and adjustable foot bar ensure all-day comfort for the oarsman.
  • An integrated pulley system lets the oarsman operate the anchor from the rowing seat.
  • A heavy-duty rub rail on the gunwales protects high-wear areas.
  • 3″ stainless steel D-rings at the bow provide handy tie-off points and let you winch the Freestone onto a trailer.