Phasmid is officially the most well stocked rental camping gear store in Bozeman.

Not only have we tripled our inventory, we have diversified our offerings- ensuring that you, the renter, has the most comfortable Montana experience possible.

Some of the highlights for summer 2014 rental gear:

  • YETI coolers. Everyone loves a Yeti! We are carrying the Roadie, 45, 65, and 160 size. They really are a lot better. My guess is that Phasmid is the only company in the world that rents Yetis. By the way, they are the only certified bear resistant cooler on the market.
  • ROADSHOWER.  These are genius. They mount to the roof racks and provide pressurized, solar warmed showers while on the road. Best product of the year so far.
  • BIG AGNES. We have added a couple more of their tent models: the Tensleep Station 4-man, tall enough for an adult to stand up. The bulletproof Burn Ridge 2-mans, and the 4-season Flying Diamond 8-man that will be perfect for backcountry hunting/ fishing trips in the fall.
  • TICLA tents and sleeping bags. This is a new brand on the market in 2014 and is performance Glamping gear. The 3-man Teahouse tent is the bomb. Perfect for couples camping.
  • ALPS MOUNTAINEERING. We have a great variety of quality camp tables, and their really good air mattresses with built in pumps.
  • HELINOX. This stuff is the bomb. For real.
  • GOPROs– Yup, we have those, too. Only place in Bozeman that rents GoPros.
  • ECHO FLY ROD packages. Best performance value around. Perfect for a newbie or as a back-up just in case rod.
  • BRUNTON– For 2014 Brunton has really stepped up their game with optics and electronics. We are now carrying their ETERNA line of performance binoculars. We also have their LED lanterns, solar chargers, and their ingenious USB rechargeable headlamps.
  • PRIMUS– The original Swedish stove, makes some really cool other stuff! We have their camp grills, portable stoves, and super-awesome butane lanterns.
  • UDAP– We have doubled the amount of available bear spray rentals and are also now offering UDAP bear proof food storage containers.
  • YAKIMA– we are now renting more Yakima bike racks, including the 5-back FullTilt model and roof boxes.
  • GSI- All new stainless nesting pots and pans and enamel plates making our cooking kits better than ever.

All in all, there isn’t another company in the country that can offer the quality and variety of rental gear that Phasmid can. Come on by the shop and pick your tools for the adventure of a lifetime!