Passionate about Montana and your Experience.

Phasmid is founded on two primary principles: 1) Creating a better car rental experience. 2) Sharing and preparing visitors to get the most out of their Montana Experience.

Phasmid is a small, independently-owned car rental agency. The founder of Phasmid, Will Casella, hails from a prior life in the service industry managing some of the most elite fly fishing lodges in the world. He started the company via an idea he had while being a Trout Bum in New Zealand for some time off. (Read the published articles here, Good as Gold, and Roadwarrior: Phasmid Rentals). The concept was to provide ‘outfitted’ rental cars to anglers visiting Montana. The rental cars would be well equipped to explore Montana and would have all camping and comfort options included for an ultimate road-trip experience. Although starting a rental car company was never a real consideration, he became convinced he could do it better- and better he has done.

Times changed (slightly) and the company continues to grow and adapt. Our angler and outdoorsman demographic still exists, but now Phasmid offers superior rental cars to all Montana visitors. Cars that will get you to Big Sky safely in a snowstorm, comfortably through Yellowstone National Park in the summer, and confidently down a Montana backroad any time of the year.

The emphasis on service continues to preside throughout our business model, going against the grain of the car rental industry. Everything about Phasmid Rentals is about guest Experience. Whether it is sending a fly-fisherman off to one of our ‘secret spots’, or an outdoor photographer to that perfect spot where the sun will hit the mountain at just the right time, or making sure the family has helped with their luggage – we are there for you.

At Phasmid we have guests, not customers.

Ensuring you leave Montana with a smile on your face is our goal.