Renting a car doesn’t have to suck.

Part of the the reason the founder of Phasmid started a rental car agency is because he hated the typical process (and treatment) of renting a car: being told he needed to buy additional (unnecessary) insurance, constant up-selling of overpriced GPS rentals, being charged for mileage, confusing pre-pay fuel, threats of taking away first-born if car was damaged, etc. Consequently, Phasmid’s price is all inclusive. Not only do we offer better vehicles and better price, but we also include:

+  Unlimited mileage (within reason).

+  Guaranteed 4WD or AWD vehicles. 

+  Free private Bozeman airport service or local pick-up.

+  No-charge for additional named drivers on rental policy.

+  No additional charge for drivers under 25-years old (must be over 21).

+  No charge for after-hours service.

+  Good maps: including a Montana DeLorme Atlas and Gazeteer.

+  Convenience: never wait in line, and be on the road by the time everyone else starts waiting in line at the rental counter.

+  The best advice: our team is the best in Bozeman. You will not find people who know Montana Outdoors better than those who work at Phasmid. 

+  Honesty and integrity if something happens: we will not take away your first born if you get in an accident. We will work with you, and your insurance company, to make sure that everything is handled as quickly and fairly as possible.

When most people book a rental car, initial price is the most important factor on who they will book the car with. When you book with Phasmid, rest assured that you will not only get the best price, but you will get the best product and service.

Phasmid is not a discount  or cheap car rental agency as we offer superior service AND superior rental cars. However, compared to our competitors our prices are not only fair but generally less.