“…de conseils et d’un sens du services remarquables.”

The recent issue of Velo Vert just arrived in our mailbox today, courtesy of previous guest Christophe Jobic, featuring an article on winter mountain biking in Yellowstone National Park – and reviews of the Salsa Beargrease bike. Can’t say that my highschool French has allowed me to delve deeply into the article, however, there certainly is a line that I understand:

“Si vous comptez visiter cet etat americain qui deborde d’attraits naturels, nous vous recommandons la petite societ <<Phasmid Rentals>> (situee a Belgrade, pres de l’aeroport de Bozeman) qui dispose de material (camping, peche a la mouche, etc) de vehicules (voitures 4×4), de conseils et d’un sens du services remarquables.”

Merci Christophe, hopefully we will see you again in Montana sometime soon!

Here is the full Velo Vert article on his experiences on the Beargrease in Yellowstone, Velo Vert April 2013