Helinox Table One Hard Top Camping Table


The Table One Hard Top from Helinox is a great camping table that packs down into a small carrying case that can easily be stored in a backpack or day pack. Great for a cooking surface, card table, or a place to eat your meal, the Table One Hard Top weighs in at under one pound and is small, convenient and easy to set up.


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At less than one kilogram, Table One Hard Top is the perfect portable table for work or leisure. The hard top is comprised of rigid panels sewn into a single fabric piece that folds up for storage. The 60 cm by 40 cm hardtop is a great work surface for a laptop computer or tablet. Great for photographers – connect and download images from the camera without juggling the laptop on your knees. Table One Hard Top is also a favorite among hobbyists – a clean, stable work surface to preflight that RC plane or drone. When hunger strikes, Table One Hard Top is a natural match for Chair One or Chair Zero for a quick (or leisurely) meal.



The lightest, strongest, and most comfortable camp furniture available today. Helinox is the orginator of the super-light camping furniture revolution.