Reasons We Love Montana Summers

by | Adventures

Seasons come and seasons go. Luckily for us, they come back. Summer in many parts of Montana feels like it can pass overnight. In 2019 it certainly felt that way. Spring and early summer were wet. Flowers and veggies bloomed late. Warm weather didn’t start until Mid-August. Now, in Mid-September 7th, the rain and fall skies are back, leaving me wondering where summer went. 

My personality is one resistant to computers and cell phones. I feel they typically distract me from my/our outdoor experiences. On the contrary I love taking pictures with our new phones. A couple days ago I had the chance to scroll through my photos from this summer and it made me realize that it was actually packed full of great experiences. I love being able to go back to these moments via a photo and remember the good, maybe bad, and sometimes forgotten times. 

At Explore Rentals, our name is not just a name. It is what we do. Our team loves being outside. The reason I still live in Montana is the mountains. Montana has so much more though. Fishing and hunting are two big attractions for the outdoorsman or woman. Plentiful rivers and lakes are great places for floating and boating on hot summer afternoons. Hot springs provide relaxation on cooler mornings and evenings. Local restaurants and breweries are plentiful around the state offering great local meats; sometimes wild game, and pints to fill ones belly and spirits. Our National Parks provide opportunities to encounter anything from Grizzly bears to river otters. While our designated Wilderness areas give us room to roam and separate us from motorized recreation. 

I was fortunate to have visitors (friends and family) this summer which makes doing my favorite activities even more meaningful. Sharing the places you love with ones you love is priceless. 

Collin grew his hair out this year and inked his stink. I will only share a half of those photos. I met many new folks through Explore Rentals and got to share brief stories and experiences with many of them.  

As the days become shorter and colder, it is nice to look back at the ones that stay light and warm for 15 hours; remembering friends and family and pets to hopefully stir up new ideas and adventures for the following summer.


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