Snow tires on Rental SUVs

All of our rental car, AWD Subaru Outbacks have premium snow tires in the winter. 

Premium SUV rentals with Snow Tires

Our standard Chevrolet Suburban rentals come with premium Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires. 

12-Passenger 4WD rental vans with snow tires

Rental 4×4 Mercedes Benz passenger vans with snow tires in Bozeman, Montana. 

Guaranteed AWD and 4WD rental cars with snow tires

The Ultimate in Rental Car Winter Driving Safety

Explore Rentals is the only rental car company in Bozeman, and pretty much the only one in the lower 48, that offers snow tires on our rental cars. So if you are looking for the safest way, and the safest rental car, to get from Bozeman to Big Sky- this is it. One may ask the question, “do you really need a four wheel drive car to get to Big Sky,” and the answer is a resounding yes. Same goes for the question “do I need snow tires on my rental car to Big Sky.” For your reading pleasure, here is an article on how to survive driving in Montana published by Yahoo Travel: renting cars in Montana.

Snow tires on rental SUVs

All of our rental AWD Subaru Outbacks, standard grade rental 4wd Chevrolet Suburbans, and our 4WD Mercedes Benz Sprinter rentals have snow tires. Bridgestone Blizzaks or Michelin X-Ice only. True, dedicated, snow tires on rental cars. We are the first, and only, rental car company in Bozeman that not only guarantees AWD or 4WD cars but also has snow tires on rental cars.

This costs us quite a bit more in operating expense, which in turn means we are usually not the cheapest option. However, if you get caught in a blizzard headed to Big Sky, you will be extremely thankful for your decision. There is simply nothing safer for winter driving conditions than a Subaru Outback with premium snow tires. Since we changed our Subaru fleet to all have snow tires in 2016, we have seen a 95% reduction in accidents! Here is an article in Forbes on best cars in snow. Not a surprise the Subaru Outback is number 1.

Rental 4×4 Passenger Vans with Snow Tires

If you are looking to move a whole bunch of people in the winter, or just want to cruise in style, our Mercedes Benz 12-passenger, 4×4, Sprinter vans are the safest (and best) option available anywhere in the country. We are the only company in the US that rents these awesome machines. All of our Sprinters have Bridgestone Blizzaks in the winter, and 10-ply All Terrain tires in the summer.

Rental Suburbans with Snow Tires

New for 2019, our ‘Standard’ class Suburbans (the newest ones) all have snow tires. The rest of our rental fleet of Chevrolet Suburbans have Michelin Defender LTX M+S (Mud + Snow) tires. These are vastly superior to the OEM tires that our on all of our competitors rental Suburbans. They are literally the difference of ending up in the ditch or not.

Conclusion: If transporting your family and friends safely from the Bozeman airport to Big Sky is a priority, your best option is a rental 4WD or AWD car with snow tires. The only company in Bozeman to guarantee a 4WD or AWD rental car with snow tires is Explore Rentals.