Rental Spotting Scopes

Rental Optics in BozemanIn mid-2018 we decided to enter into the rental optics game. Explore Rentals has always offered basic rental binoculars, but we have found through personal experience that binos really just don’t cut it in Yellowstone.

In typical Explore style, we jumped in head first with the purchase of a rental Leica Televid 82mm spotting scope. This is truly a stunning piece of glass, but obviously comes at a price. At the recommendation of a couple of our die-hard hunters, we reached out to Vortex Optics to see if their products are as good as people are saying.

The answer is yes! Consequently we increased our binocular options to include both mid-range and premium Vortex options. We also added a handful of the awesome Vortex Razor spotting scopes. We have found that side-by-side, the difference between the rental Leica and the Vortex spotting scopes is extremely small. The Boss still takes out the Leica when he goes to the park, but it might just be because he is a glass-snob.

Rental Spotting Scopes BozemanThe next awesome product we added were PhoneSkopes. These ingenious products include adapter that goes onto the eyepiece of the spotting scope, than has a custom cell phone case that snaps to the eyepiece. The result: you are able to view, video, and photograph through the spotting scope. This is a total game changer and makes the user experience amazingly better.

Rental Telephoto Nikon Lenses and Camera Equipment

Rental Nikon Lens

The boss, a very long time ago when he had a little hair left.

New for late 2018, Explore Rentals is now offering (a few) rental Nikon Lenses. The Boss, as mentioned previously, has always been a glass-snob so he decided to take it to the next level. For years Explore Rentals has been catering to photographers coming to Yellowstone National Park. Oddly enough, the number of large telephoto lens cases that we load into rental cars has been diminishing, whether a result or increased baggage fees or what- who knows.

As a result, we have entered the rental camera lens market with the purchase of a Nikon 200-400mm f/4 telephoto lens. (Yes, the Boss shoots Nikon). Through our personal time spent photographing wildlife in Yellowstone, this is in our opinion the perfect lens for maximum flexibility. After-all, very rarely are wolves standing still. Paired with our rental lens, we added other tripods and gimbal mounted tripod heads.

As always at Explore Rentals, our goal is to be able to rent the items that are a pain to bring on a plane, and/or extremely desirable items to use for your Yellowstone trip of a lifetime!

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