Staying Sane While Social Distancing

It is week two of social distancing here in Bozeman, MT and it seems like every day the same question comes up. What can we do today while still following the social distancing protocol? It is a tough time for everyone and unfortunately it looks like this is just the beginning of our unwanted staycation. Because of this I have sat down and came up with a list of things you can enjoy during this time.

1. Try out a new hiking spot

There is no better time than now to get yourself outside for an afternoon and try out the new hiking trail you have been talking about for months.

2. Cook something new

I don’t know about you but dinner in our house can seem like the same sad song on repeat week after week. So use this time to find a new recipe and bring some fresh life to your dinner table.

3. Take a snooze with your pooch

Maybe you have just gotten back from trying out that new hiking spot or you are taking a break from working at home. Either way, nothing beats a mid-day snooze with your favorite furry friend.

4. Prep your garden

What better time to prep your garden and get your seeds started than now? Take advantage of a sunny afternoon and start getting your garden ready for the warm weather to come.

5. Try a new hobby

Has there been something new you have been wanting to try but never seem to have the time? Now is your chance. Use this newfound free time to try a new sport, learn an instrument, or take up painting. No matter what it is you may have just found your new favorite past time.

6. Go fishing

This is Montana and that means there are fishing spots everywhere you look. Heck one of them is even so popular you basically have to win the lottery for the chance to float it.

7. Call your friends and family

Many people, especially our older relatives, may be feeling lonely during this time. Take a few minutes of every day to call those people close to you. Remind them of the things they can do to keep themselves active or reflect on a favorite memory with that person. No matter what you say all it takes is a simple phone call to brighten someone’s day.

8. A day in Yellowstone …. oh wait

What beats spending all day inside? Spending your day seeing the wonders that Yellowstone has to offer. Unforentuley for the time being Yellowstone has been closed to visitors. However, once summer hits and the park is reopened to the public you will not want to miss a trip there. You can use this time to plan out your ultimate day or days in Yellowstone! Be sure to take a spotting scope or a pair of binoculars so you don’t miss out on any sightings of the wildlife that calls Yellowstone home. There have even been recent sightings of wolves and grizzly bears!

9. Spend an afternoon at the range

Whether you are going just for fun or are getting prepared for an upcoming hunting season, the recent sunny weather made it hard to turn down the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the range.

10. Support your local small businesses

The best and probably the most important one for last.

This is a hard time for everyone. Especially our local small businesses. While most of these places may have closed down their storefronts, here are a few ways you can still support them during this time.

Order take out from your favorite restaurant. Many are even partnering with food delivery services such as UberEats and Postmates to offer free delivery right now.

Purchase a gift card from your favorite store. Not only does this benefit you in the future but it will also benefit the business you are supporting right now in these hard times.

Does your favorite local go to have an online storefront? If so use this time to take advantage of free shipping or local delivery that many local businesses are offering for using this service.