Experiencing the natural wonders, wild life and beauty of Yellowstone National Park should never be done with blurry eyes.  Spotting a meandering moose, observing a herd of bison and enjoying the many hikes and scenic views are activities that require your full attention and all of your energy.  So there is absolutely no way you can start a day without your energizing cup of coffee.  I have compiled a list of the top 5 places to get a cup of coffee while visiting Yellowstone National Park.

1.  Riverside, mountain top, or valley-Yellowstone National Park

Anywhere in the park is going to offer you spectacular views and opportunities to see wildlife.  There is never a better time to experience these than in the early morning hours. To beat the rush, pack your breakfast and coffee for your early morning stroll to the river or hike to the peak.  How to brew coffee in these serene and isolate areas?  Bring ground coffee and a camp chef coffee press. Let the hot water do its thing with the coffee, then sit back, sip and enjoy the view.

2. Your Campsite, Yellowstone National Park

From the moment you wake up in Yellowstone National Park you should be ready to start exploring.  Camping within the park offers you the opportunity to get a head start on the roads and to the trail head or your itineraries destination for the day.  Embrace the camping lifestyle by cooking your own bacon and eggs and brewing your own coffee.  Feel the sun warm you up from the outside while the coffee energizes and warms you from the inside.

3. Tumbleweed Bookstore and Café-Gardiner, MT

Nestled in the southern portion of Paradise Valley and just before the north Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, MT knows what wild animals and beautiful scenery is all about.  The Yellowstone River flows right through the town, offering riverside lodging for those who are interested.  And elk herds can often be scene grazing next to shops and crossing the road.  If this is your starting point for you Yellowstone adventure, take a stop at the Tumbleweed Bookstore and Café. Not only a delicious coffee shop, they also have a deli, and vegetarian/vegan friendly food, and a bookstore. Get a bite, pursue for a little souvenir and grab your cup of joe before heading into the park.

4. Morning Glory Coffee-West Yellowstone, MT

If you are already near the parks West entrance take a quick stop at Morning Glory Coffee and Tea. It’s off the main road so it is a tad quieter than the busy N. Canyon St. Take a moment to walk around West Yellowstone with your coffee, or hop in the car to beat a little bit of the crowd into the park. Not far past the entrance you will have opportunities to pull off next to the Madison River.  As most people cruise past these spots to get to the “bigger” attractions deeper into the park, the solitude and peaceful view of the river, all while sipping your warm cup of coffee, may just be the highlight of your trip.

5. Wild Crumb Artisan Bread and Pastries-Bozeman, MT

You read that right, not only can you get a delicious cup of coffee, but they offer a wonderful selection of delicious breakfast pastries, artisan bread, fresh squeezed orange juice and sandwiches to go. This stop will please everyone in the vehicle as you start your drive down to Yellowstone.  Sip your coffee and nibble on a fresh made Huckleberry scone or Cinnamon Bun as you drive either through the Gallatin Canyon or Paradise Valley.  No matter which route you choose, take a moment to stop and enjoy the view of the rivers and enjoy your coffee.

Always remember to respect wildlife while in Yellowstone National Park, rent and learn how to use bear spray, travel with a partner and groups and practice Leave No Trace principals.