Rental Spotting Scopes for Yellowstone National Park

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Is a Spotting Scope Needed for Yellowstone

For those of you that have not had the pleasure to enjoy one of America’s greatest national parks, you need to start packing for your trip to Yellowstone National Park. There is a variety of geysers and thermal activity, incredible trout fishing, hiking trails galore, and beautiful camping opportunities. One of the most jaw-dropping parts of Yellowstone is the wildlife. Bison, Elk, Deer, Antelope, and Moose roam throughout Yellowstone, but don’t forget about the predators. Grizzlies and black bears, wolves, eagles, mountain lions, and coyotes can be seen chasing down and eating their prey.

Yellowstone is a big area, so most of your exploring will be done in a vehicle. Even from the road, you will encounter wild life; Some encounters may hold up traffic, and others will be so far away they appear as a blurry dot in the distance. This is where the rental spotting scope comes in to play. For those unfamiliar with these, they are incredibly easy to set up and use. You will capture pictures you didn’t think were possible from your phone at long distances. In some cases, it may look like you are just feet from the grizzly eating the elk carcass, when in reality you are a safe distance away, observing.

This is my long winded answer YES for having a spotting scope while you travel through Yellowstone.

How to Use Your Rental Spotting Scope

These scopes are incredibly easy to use and set up in seconds. The quick release plate will be attached to the scope, so all you need to do is slide the plate into the head of the tripod and lock it down. Once this is locked in and stable, you will adjust the tripod legs to your desired height for viewing. There will be 2 covers on both ends of the scope that will need to be unbuckled. Once these are off, you are able to move the scope around to find the object you are looking for while playing with the zoom and focus on the scope.

Once found, you will have your Phone Skope case on your phone and the back of the case will slide over the eye-piece of the scope. It works best if the bottom part of your phone is facing the left side of the scope horizontally to sit in place properly (as you may see in the picture to the right). It will take a little adjusting to get the phone camera to line up good with the scope, but once lined up and you have adjusted the focus for clarity, you are ready to start snapping pictures. You will come home with some unique photos of the wildlife in the park to look back on.

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