Our newest employee, Ryan and I had the pleasure of taking one of our Subaru Outback’s into Yellowstone National Park this past week on a day trip. We decided to take Owl, one of our green 2015’s. We were both particularly excited that it had Bluetooth and we could listen to our tunes during the cruise.

Our first stop in the park was just off the road after entering the park through Roosevelt Arch. At the Lava Creek trailhead there is a large hill, we proceeded to run straight up it for the best view possible of the surrounding canyon. As expected it yielded a phenomenal opportunity for panoramas. Right next to the Lava Creek we ambled a short way up a trail to find a lot of snowpack, pack-ice and cornices next to the creek that provided us with an absolutely breathtaking view of the small ponds nearby.

Our next stop-off was at Mammoth Hot Springs. Unfortunately, as soon as we got to the lower terrace a few clouds rolled in making for a less than stellar photo op but still an awe-inspiring sight to see.

We decided it would be worth our time to drive the Upper Terrace Loop after visiting the lower terrace and it turned out to be a really nice little side-drive with some great overlooks of the area. Continuing on we slowly made our way down the river to some geothermal areas, taking a few short hikes to take some pictures and explore the area. One of my favorite aspects of visiting the park at this time of year is the complete lack of traffic and crowds one encounter during the busier summer months. While some roads may still be under snow or closed for winter, it is a great time to explore the park if you are looking to avoid the crowds.

Along the drive we saw a copious amount of bison hanging about and grazing next to the road, providing some great photo op’s and GoPro footage!

We made our way down towards the Canyon area, stopping by some lakes by the road on the way down.

We decided a day-trip through the park wouldn’t be complete without a cruise into the Geyser Basin and to be fair, it probably would have been, but we were both still very happy we decided to check it out. It’s really nice to explore the geysers and pools without having to meander through the crowds.

All in all an incredible day trip into Yellowstone. Even with having 15+ trips in now under my belt it still never gets old seeing the park.