The bears in Yellowstone are definitely awake.

Went to the park over the weekend to see if the buffalo have started calving (they have not) and immediately stumbled upon a male grizzly munching on roots and grubs right along the side of the road at the bottom of the Lamar Valley.

Although compared to the summer there were very few other people in the park, a ‘Bear Jam’ was soon created. As always, the majority of the park visitors were smart; staying in the car or immediately by their car and respectfully watching this magnificent beast.

Also, like always, there are then these guys. Straight out of the car, right across the road, taking a photo. Not only is this against park rules (being far too close to wildlife- this was about 30-yards from the bear) but it is INCREDIBLY stupid. If Mr. Bear wanted, all that would be left would be a cloud of down feathers from his jacket. Bear spray or no bear spray- it does not matter when you are encroaching into a wild animals zone.

Please be aware of Yellowstone National Park rules, they exist for very good reasons and respect the wildlife. The bears are out; carry Bear Spray and be smart!