Summer is Back and Montana is Mmmostly Open

COVID-19 Phase II Started June 1st

What to Expect While Visiting Montana

We are all very excited to see the change of Montana’s other season, winter, into our beloved Summer. This short season is treasured by residents because we can enjoy some of our favorite warm weather activities for a brief moment. This is all fantastic, but… we need to keep in mind that we are still dealing with a pandemic.

Because Montana has fairly low numbers of COVID-19 throughout the state, it may seam like we can act like it does not exist here. Well, that is wrong. Being in the travel/adventure/fun business, we have been getting more reservations now due to restrictions being lifted June 1st. Whether we like it or not, this means that COVID-19 will be crossing into Montana more frequently than previous months.

We still want everyone’s rental experience to be amazing, but we also want people to be safe during their trip to Montana. We have implemented improved sanitation practices for all rental gear and vehicles, including UVC light treatment, to help minimize spreading “cooties”. We hope that others will try to do the same while they are visiting. We can all still have plenty of good fun while being socially responsible during these unfortunate times. For example, if you are visiting Yellowstone Park and someone has a Spotting scope set up viewing a Grizzly or Wolf, there is no need to press your way to the front of the “line” rub their greasy eyepiece all over you own face. We will gladly rent you your own, with a phone skope, which is more fun and cootie free.

Link to Montana’s current restrictions –

Rental Gear for any Adventure

Time to plan your trip? Go to We have most of everything you will need. We don’t do paddleboards, kayaks, mountain bikes, hiking shoes, or rocket ships, but we do have gear that makes trips with those items better.

One of my favorite rental items is our Vortex spotting scopes with a phone scope. Human eyeballs miss a lot of nature in the distance, these scopes bring everything into view and allow you to document it.

Our Smithfly rafts are awesome for almost any boat outing, especially day trips. Great for three people, better with two. Our price is unbeatable too.

Our deluxe cooking kits are a great bang for your bucks. They include most all cooking necessities for any summer adventure, even a full spice set.

The Helinox camp chairs are awesome as well. Light enough for backpacking, yet comfortable enough for any car camping set up.

Oh, and our rental cars. Yeah, they are great. Every one of them is selected to get you to where you want to be. Big and small. Brand new to slightly used; all have 4wd or awd, great tires and the suburbans and subarus can have sleeping set ups and roof boxes added.

If you are looking to do some road tripping this summer, our UMAV Truck Campers are worth checking out. Solar-powered camper on a badass truck allows you to get away from civilization for… well as long as you want.


Step 1.

On our Reservations page, enter your requested rental dates. Available inventory of each item will be displayed. Select what you desire and add to your cart.

Step 2.

Verify your Cart and rental dates/ times. A 15% credit card deposit is required to confirm all bookings. You will be prompted for flight info and contact info, as well as the CC deposit.


Pick up your Smith River Rentals at the shop. We are happy to help rigging and customizing your rental boats.  Go and enjoy! 


At the end of your trip, return all rentals to our shop, your CC on file will be billed the balance due. We hope you have some epic photos to share! 


Explore Rentals has been providing superior outdoor gear rentals since 2011. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible rental gear for outdoor adventures so comfort and safety is never compromised. Through many years of professional guiding, our experience enable us to provide better products for Montana adventures. 

Come say hi at our shop next to the Bozeman Airport, of give us a call at 406-922-0179 to start planning for your adventure.